Monday, November 3, 2008

Days 104 - 113 MASS CATCH UP!!

Ok So I got a little behind! But what better way to play catch up than to share all our Halloween pics!

First is our little pumpkin - designed by Noah, carved by dad!

Then all dressed up as Tigger and Pooh off we went trick or treating.

The kids got the cool ride in their red wagon pulled by dad!

We have some neighbors who put on a HUGE haunted house in their yard/driveway - people must have come from all over as the line was all the way down the cul de sac.. couldn't get good pics with my sad little camera and it's pitiful flash! LOL!


Kat Simpson said...

Great pics, Danni :)

Islipian said...

I like how Dad is color coordinated with the kids' costumes